Gardening for Bumblebees

Spring is upon us and animals are emerging from hibernation. Our gardens are suddenly filled with impossibly loud buzzing from the tiniest creatures, but the animal that makes me stop what im doing and stare in awe at, is the humble bumblebee. The queens have recently emerged and are bumbling around the garden, searching for suitable nest sites to begin their colony.

Sadly bumblebees are on the decline due to a lack of suitable habitats, but you can help by creating a bee friendly garden. This means planting flowers that produce nectar and providing sutible nesting sites. Plants include Lavender, Rosemary, Catmints, Deadnettle,Lungwort, Comfrey, Cynoglossum, Cerinthe,Foxgloves, Veronica, Hebe, Teasels and Scabiouses. And for a source of pollen Vetches, Clovers, Broom, Trefoils, Runner Beans and  Red Clover. for nest sites, long tusocky grass is a favorite of carder bumblebees and bumblebees will also nest in undisturbed compost heaps and under hedgerows. and make sure you avoid all insecticides even organic ones as they are all dangerous to bumblebees.

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